counselling services

Counselling Services offers personalised, confidential, therapy-based counselling (G WC). G WC can be conducted by trained counsellors online over the phone or in person as well as in group sessions, depending on the needs of the client. G WC is suitable for clients who are not able to attend face-to-face counselling. Counseling Services also provides online self-directed counselling (G WC). Many students find a single counselling session helps them move ahead in a positive direction without being intimidated by their peers. G WC is available to anyone and is cost effective. Click here to visit website for more info.

Counselling Services

Counselling Services offers the full range of therapies and specialties including: psychotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy, relaxation therapy, family therapies, smoking cessation and nutrition counselling services. For confidential counselling services, a pre-screening evaluation is conducted to determine if clients are suitable for these services. These pre-screening tests include questionnaires, comprehensive evaluations and interviews. Based on the results of these tests, appropriate counselling services are provided to clients.

Overall, there are many organisations that offer G WC. These organisations may operate in an area of specific concern, such as: G WC for alcohol and drug abuse; G WC for the elderly; G WC for couples and families; G WC for stress management and prevention; and G WC for grief recovery and stress management. There are many other areas of speciality within this sector. Individuals may be able to access counselling services from a variety of sources.

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