The car lift is specialized in the rise of your car off the ground. There are many kinds of car lifts available, and they all come in very handy if you need to perform some inspections or make repairs inside your car. One of the best equipment that you can invest into for a worthwhile car working environment is the car lift. Before you decide to buy one though, it’s a good idea to do your homework and research the different kinds of car lift that are available so that you’ll be able to choose the best one to use in your garage.

Two Post Car Lift: This kind of car lift is very popular because of its simplicity and easy setup. Two posts are placed at the bottom of the car and the motor is mounted on the two post rods which connect the posts to the bottom of your car. Two in-ground lifts share the same platform as this type but are two different models. A side-by-side two-post lift shares the same platform as a full-scale lift, but has only one post. These two post lifts are more expensive than traditional two-post lifts because they are made of aluminum instead of steel, although this model offers the same functionality.

Four-Post Auto Lift: With this model, four posts are placed on the ground and the motor is mounted directly above them. This is the priciest of all four-post lifts but is also the most versatile, allowing you to tilt the vehicle any which way you desire. Unlike the two-post auto lift, this kind of car lift has no place for the motors or other accessories. It’s also the heaviest of all four-post lifts, so it needs to be placed in a spot where it will be able to support itself properly. It is ideal for commercial applications.

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