Charity Event – Chefs and Wine

A Charity Event is one of my favorite things to do and to help out in any way that I can. There are so many great things to do at a charity event. Some great events include the Annual Elbe River Festival, Belzec and Muggelthorpe Fest, Elster Square in Prague, Kielenka and Oltenita Fest in Salzburg and plenty more to mention. The tradition of the Elbe Festival started in 1990 as a huge charity event to support the rebuilding of the concentration camp in the Wintersburg vineyard and the restaurant of the same name in the old town of Blaskov. Now, on the sixth weekend in May, the people living in between Blaskov and Wintersburg turn their country roads and parks and village centers into one enormous festival with tons to see and experience. Here I will tell you about the incredible food and wine that take place at this wonderful and popular charity event. View the ideas.

Charity Event – Chefs and Wine

There are over 60 restaurants and more than 80 wineries spread all over the area. This means that you will be able to taste some of the best and most affordable wines from all over Europe as well as some of the most exotic cheeses. You will be able to sample foods from all over the world as well, such as Portuguese sausage, Moroccan couscous, Greek tzatziki and delicious Polish sausages. You should not only try the wines, but also try some of the delicious local dishes that are offered as well. The dishes served at the charity event are made up of some of the finest ingredients from all over Europe, which makes sure that you have a truly wonderful time while enjoying your meals and the wine that is served at the event.

For instance, at one of these charity events held in London, there are over three hundred and fifty exquisite tapas dishes that will be offered for sale at the event. Some of these dishes include such dishes as calamari with truffles, filet mignon, char smoked salmon, mango lamb, chanterelle mushroom soup, foie gras, filet mignon with foie gras, and foie gras soup. You can also order a Soupe De Nux, a white fish soup that is extremely filling. You can even order a bottle of vintage Vichy Chateau Wine that will set you back a cool fifteen hundred pounds.

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