shinkoite acrylic sheet

Shinkoite acrylic sheets are becoming increasingly popular in the world of craft painting as they offer many benefits that acrylic paints or sketch pads do not. Firstly, the cost is substantially less than either oil based or latex paints and this is very important for beginners as well as more experienced painters. It is also worth bearing in mind that the acrylic paint has very little if any ‘drift’ to it when applied to a suitable surface with the Shinkoite Acrylic Sheet. This means you can use it on any sort of surface and you will not have to worry about the paint shifting or smearing. This means that if you have an odd shape or style in your artwork then it can be applied without the fear of it distorting or shifting if the surface is not suitable.

Benefits of the Shinkoite Acrylic Sheet

The Shinkoites are formulated using advanced ceramic chemistry and so they offer great resistance to solvents and heat. They have been found to work exceptionally well on all sorts of surfaces such as wood, metal, cardboard, ceramic, glass and more. It also means that Shinkoites can be used as pigments for acrylic paint and this can help you create acrylic paintings, sketches and designs. This flexibility of the acrylic sheets means they can be easily mixed with other materials such as liquid acrylic paints and other substances in order to create new textures and colours in the final piece.

The Shinkoites can be purchased from most DIY shops as well as online. The basic materials needed to create your own acrylic sheet are a few key pieces of equipment such as two Shinkoite brushes, a bottle of acrylic liquid and a small amount of acrylic paints. There is no need to purchase additional equipment as all the materials can be bought individually. Once you have the basic materials then it is simply a case of mixing the two liquids together to create your own acrylic sheet.

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