The Holistic Sanctuary holistic rehab centersThe Holistic Sanctuary, or The Holistic Wellness Center, is a holistic treatment center providing detoxification, mental health services, drug addiction treatment and holistic therapies, all based in Beverly Hills, California. It was founded by Dr. Arthur Wolkow, a renowned psychiatrist, therapist, and founder of the center. Dr. Wolkow has made this center one of the leading detoxification centers in the country by creating an environment that is inviting to detox and to stay clean and sober. The center is known for its holistic treatment, combining the holistic therapies of the ancient Eastern medical practitioners with the most up to date, state-of-the-art facilities and services.

The Holistic Sanctuary holistic rehab centers

The Holistic Sanctuary

Detoxification centers offer a safe, clean and secure environment to detoxify the body and spirit. They provide clean and healthy food, including the latest and healthy nutrition, while also offering a wide variety of exercises, both physical and mental. The detox centers offer a full range of medical and psychological services, including counseling, social programs, and individual and group therapy, as well as drug and alcohol addiction treatment, residential rehabilitation programs and detoxification programs. These detoxification programs are geared to help clients maintain a healthy lifestyle after detoxification. They include programs that provide a safe, supportive environment in which clients can work through any emotions, fears, or anxieties that they may have, as well as counseling programs and support groups to help clients recover from the detoxification process. Other programs provide education and awareness about alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, eating disorders, and stress.

Treatment at detoxification programs are based on the premise that detoxification is the first step toward recovery. The program is designed to reduce the need for drug and alcohol detoxification, so that clients will remain drug and alcohol free for many years to come, allowing them to lead healthy, productive lives. Detoxification programs offer holistic therapy, mental health therapies, dietary programs, and lifestyle change programs that offer complete assistance for clients to overcome addiction, to become self-sufficient and independent, and to gain back control of their lives.

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