Symphysodon, or simply discus, is an ancient family of cichlid fishes native to the Amazon basin in South America. For their distinct shape, patterns, and bright coloration and patterns, Discus Fish are very popular freshwater aquarium fish, especially in Asia, where they are an important part of the freshwater eco-system. Discus come in a wide variety of colors and many have even been dyed, depending on what they are caught in.

Discus Fish, The King of Freshwater Aquarium/Tank

When choosing discus fish for your community tank, remember that discus require very specific conditions in order to thrive and grow well. Although the disc’s shape and pattern will influence many aspects of your tank, it is the water conditions of your disc that will determine if it is healthy enough to make it in a community tank. A healthy disc needs clean, nutrient rich water; the ideal is water that contains about 2.5 microns of dissolved oxygen per liter.

A community tank can contain a variety of disc fish. These fish can include rainbow discus, cichlid cong, or any other variety of disc. However, most discus will do fine in one tank that is large enough to accommodate them, as long as there is an adequate amount of space in your tank. Before adding a disc to your community tank, make sure to carefully read up on their habits, so you know exactly what you’re getting into before you buy.

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