Lawyer reputation management is something that needs constant effort at the onset of a negative review. It is no secret that a poorly written review is a career breaker. While negative or positive, 93% of readers say that online reviews affect their buying decisions when purchasing a new law firm. Online reviews can be very negative or can be positive, and it is a good idea to take them both into consideration before you post your own review.

Legal Reputation Management for Law Firms

A professional reputation management firm will send you a written letter asking you to review your review. Your written review will be sent in a spreadsheet format to the law firm and their website. The law firm will then review the review and will adjust it as necessary. Lawyer reputation management should not only address negative reviews, but also positive reviews so that the law firm can continue to grow and improve. You can do this by writing a comment on the law firm website or a blog post.

Once your comment has been posted, you can always contact the law firm directly to ask any questions that you may have. You can contact the law firm that provided the letter or post the review on their website, and if you are satisfied with the company, you may request that they post your comments on their website. You can even request that they add a link to your review in the “Contact Us” page of their website.

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