Group therapy or psychotherapy, also known as group psychotherapy or individual psychotherapy, is a type of psychotherapeutic therapy where one or more qualified therapists treat an entire group of patients together as a unit. There are various types of such therapies including family therapy, sports therapy, and drug rehabilitation therapy. It is believed that many disorders can be treated with this kind of therapy. The treatments can range from individual therapy and family therapy to group therapy and drug rehabilitation therapy. The patients are usually placed in a setting that is conducive to their recovery and development. Group therapy has a very positive influence on the overall health and well being of the patient. Group therapy can also help patients feel less inhibited.

Therapy for a variety of people, groups, and situations are available. A number of factors have to be considered before selecting a suitable therapist who can offer group psychotherapy. The therapist needs to be skilled in group therapy and be willing to take on such a large group of patients. The patient also needs to be able to communicate well with the therapist and be motivated enough to continue in the treatment for a long period of time.

Psychotherapy groups can be made available by the local government, universities, hospitals, or other non-profit organizations.

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