The online course Fellowship-trained ENT specialists in Singapore which are given by the ESB in Singapore include the course on Medical Examinations and Certification. The course is very important for one to know about the medical procedures, medical equipment and the various types of tests, which are given in the field of ENT.

Fellowship-trained ENT specialist in Singapore – Most Competitive Residency Programs

The courses provided by the ESB in Singapore are also taught by professionals who have been practicing ENT for many years. They are very much updated about all the latest techniques and equipment in the field of ENT and they are capable of giving lectures in a comprehensive manner to the students.

The most popular course offered by the ESB is the Medical Transcription course, which is also known as MTC or Medical Transcription Training. This course is very beneficial to students because they get to know about the transcription of voice recordings which are used in ENT procedures.

The ENT specialist training given by the ESB is also very interesting and a lot of fun to do. The students can take the help of the virtual assistants in this course. These assistants work alongside the students and help the students with their assignments and lectures.

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