Once you realize that the mind is not capable of being enslaved by the beliefs that it has, you must learn to keep your Mind constantly vigilant for the way to your astral projection. This can be done with hypnosis. By utilizing hypnosis to change your inner talk and to keep it constantly vigilant, you can easily and effortlessly enter into your Astral Projection.

Astral projection – Lucid Dreaming on Steroids

You see, the unconscious mind will just not let go of the idea that you are there. You have to be conscious of the fact that you are there. That’s why I suggest that you try hypnosis. What I’ve learned is that the more conscious you are of your Mind, the more there will be freedom for your Mind to be self-aware. This is because your Mind will not be captive by the beliefs that it has developed in its habitual way. For instance, if you are regularly keeping yourself in bondage to what you know to be true but actually believes to be false, your Mind will keep you there and will continue to act upon those beliefs even if you wanted it to do otherwise.

How can you use this knowledge to help you get into your Astral Projection? Well, there are three ways to do that. If you are up for one of them you can enjoy the benefits and enjoy the fun that comes with it.

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