This is how you go about booking an African Photo Safari: On the first day of your wildlife safari photography tips, pack a suit, tie, and slacks. Have plenty of clean clothes available to change into once you get on the plane. Do not forget to check out the travel insurance policy on the plane, as you do not want any surprises in the hotel lobby. All the other factors are similar to that of your domestic trip and can be dealt with easily.

Wildlife safari photography tips – Top Ten African Safari Myths

If you have a foreign passport, carry a copy of your passport with you. You will not be allowed into most areas if you do not have a valid passport. Your passport needs to be a valid one. When you return from your photo safari, ask for a tourist visa. This is not required when you are visiting another country, but it is still a good idea to bring it along. Visas can also be obtained at the embassy in your country, or if you are staying in Kenya.

Make sure you arrive back home with a full tank of gas, and have sufficient water available to rinse off and have a drink. Most of the safari operators will provide you with some water on the plane.

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